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Ecco Leather + Textiles is an Australian wholesale supplier offering an extensive range of premium environmentally friendly leathers, homewares and textiles for a wide range of industries. Interior Design, Architectural, Commercial, Residential, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Footwear, Garment, Fashion, Saddlery, Hospitality and Healthcare.

Ecco Leather + Textiles are an environmentally responsible company with a holistic approach to sustainability. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products that are ethically sourced and adhere to the highly regarded Australian Manufacturing Standards.


Our leathers are sourced from leading tanneries and are constantly sourcing new products and technologies to offer our customers the most advanced and current products.

Ecco Leather + Textiles provide a distinguished palette of colours and finishes to suit all projects. Along with our stocked ranges, we have an extensive range available in our tanneries.


Can’t find what you’re looking for or wanting your own bespoke range?

Contact us now for more information.

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